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Abbott wanted to reposition one of its flagship products, "Similac formula milk".

THE STORY OF how OUR HUMBLE AGENCY won its first EVER piece of INTERNATIONAL businesS.

The brand's ‘backed by science’ positioning was outdated and offered no true point of difference from the countless me-too brands flooding the market.

Despite being from one of the smaller markets, our agency was invited to pitch. It would become the biggest account in agency history.


The category convention for formula milk is ‘‘classroom success’’ (i.e. ‘‘give our product to your child and s/he will be the best student in school’’)

We wanted to disrupt this by demonstrating to consumers that brain development (the primary driver to purchase) is about discovery — not academic achievement.

However, the one thing you have to remember is that every mom wants to increase their child’s intelligence as much as possible.


Prove to moms that sense development equals brain development.

We launched the campaign with a commercial which told the story of a mom being invited to her child's inner-world.





From their child's very first moments, moms love to share their accomplishments.


So Phase #2 saw us launch a FB community with a simple thought: children discover things through their senses, so share with us your child’s discoveries.

Moms in the community suggested we turn some of the discoveries into a picture storybook. We jumped at the chance — collaborating with many talented children’s illustrators to create a book that ran out of print twice.


To close the campaign, trained ‘senses counselors’ went around to preschools, encouraging children and teachers to learn through their senses. 

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